Soup in bread

Toscana Salad

Linguini with Quails Ragu

Shrimp Skewer

Salmon & Passion Fruit

Octopus in Cascais Style

Oxtail and water cress risotto

Widgeon with Pepper

Veal ossobuco with saffron risotto


Prime Rib

Pear in belle Helene Style

Chocolate delight

Flamed mango

Chocolate Fondue


Cheese Fondue

for two people
Served with a bowl of bread

Chocolate Fondue

for two people
strawberry, banana and marshmallow

Kids Dishes

(up to 12 years old)

Fillet Mignon with French Fries
Chicken Fillet with Capellini



Bowl of bread, the house’s pâté, butter, olive, carrot
and pepper jam


Manioc Cupcakes with dried meat and beans broth
Beef Carpaccio with parmesan and capers
Brie with apricot jam
Parma Ham


Heart of palm
Fresh Asparagus


Toscana Salad
fresh greens, goat’s milk cheese, Parma ham and mustard or herbs sauce

Caesar Salad
American lettuce, grilled chicken strips, croutons and special sauce

Caprese Salad
rucola, fresh tomatoes, buffalo’s milk mozzarella and basil


Penne in Cream
short pasta in cream with bacon and green peas

Classic Ravioli
buffalo’s milk mozzarella in fresh tomato sauce

Guineafowl Ravioli
fresh pasta stuffed with guineafowl and mushrooms

Salmon Ravioli
fresh pasta stuffed with salmon

Haddock Ravioli
fresh pasta stuffed with haddock

Linguine with Shrimp
fresh pasta with shrimp in tomato sauce and basil

Linguini with Quails Ragu
Italian pasta with shredded quails, Shitake and Lime Zest


(with arborio rice)

Shrimp Risotto

Arthou Risotto
brie, Parma ham and rucola topped with wild crisp rice

Oxtail and water cress Risotto

Porcini Mushrooms Risotto

Fish and Seafood

Salmon & Passion Fruit
grilled fish in passion fruit sauce served with rice and roasted almonds or leek rice

Salmon & Capers
grilled fish in capers sauce served with raisins rice or mashed potatoes

Araras Trout
grilled fish in almonds sauce served with raisins rice and caramelized onion

Grilled Trout
in capers sauce with sauté potatoes and steamed spinach

Scottish Haddock in Cream
in cream and herbs sauce served with leek rice

Calamari Skewer in Gipoia Style
grilled calamari rings mixed with red bell pepper, onion and bacon served with linguini in garlic and oil or broccoli rice

Shrimp Skewer
grilled shrimp served with pineapple rice

Shrimp a la bordelaise
shrimp flambed with cognac, rice and roasted almonds, mushrooms and thousand island sauce

Octopus in Cascais Style
grilled octopus served with boiled potato, onion, egg
and broccoli or broccoli rice

Flat Lobster in Saint-Tropez Style
grilled flat lobster served with linguini in garlic and oil
and black butter sauce


Filet mignon alla milanese
filet mignon alla milanese with mashed potatoes

Kassler with potato salad or mashed potatoes

Chopped fillet mignon brazilian style
served with farofa (toasted manioc flour), plain rice,
poached egg and beans

small grilled beef fillets in lime and capers sauce served with linguini in cheese sauce

Beef Medallion in Red Wine Sauce
grilled fillet mignon with ham, green peas, onion and rice

tournedor with gorgonzola or madeira sauce and funghi risotto

Veal Ossobuco
veal ossobuco with saffron risotto

Lamb Fillet
grilled lamb fillet with peppermint sauce served
with mashed potato

Lamb Chop
grilled with peppermint rice

Escalope with Pepper
escalopes of fillet mignon in green pepper sauce served
with cheese risotto or parsnip purée

Prime Rib
special beef cut served with unpeeled French fries and rosemary

Pork Lollipop
special pork cut served with mix of greens or spaghetti in garlic and oil


Widgeon with pepper
roasted widgeon with green pepper sauce
and caramelized apples

Guineafowl in mushroom sauce
roasted guineafowl in mushroom sauce with gorgonzola rice

Guineafowl in Vale da Aldeia Style
roasted guineafowl in apricot sauce served with polenta

Chicken with Brie and Apricot Jam
grilled chicken topped with slices of brie and apricot jam served with rucola salad

Side Dishes

Rice in Piedmontese Style
Raisin Rice
Almond Rice
Caramelized Onions
Rosti Potato
Gratinated Potatoes
Sauté Potatoes
Egg Farofa


Chocolate delight
chocolate mousse served with French vanilla ice-cream and pieces of strawberry (optionally with liqueur)

Petit Gateau
served with hot chocolate sauce and red berries sauce

french vanilla ice-cream with chocolate syrup

Flamed mango with french vanilla ice-cream

Pear in belle Helene Style
pear cooked in red wine served with French vanilla ice-cream and hot chocolate syrup

Seasonable fruit

Kiev Ice-Cream
pineapple and mint ice-cream with a twist of vodka

Pineapple with mint, Vanilla, Chocolate, Yogurt with red berries

Light ice-cream
Mango / Chocolate

Papaya cream with blackcurrant liqueur